As We Reflect on This Year's Event...

Nov. 17, 2019


Dear Blanket Banquet volunteers and supporters,

It is hard to believe another Blanket Banquet is behind us.  We are filled with gratitude for all that you have done to make this year's banquet the largest ever.

We served about 320 guests (over 200 men,  over 90 women and 20-25 children).  We had enough back packs, socks and underwear for every guest.  Everyone got a sleeping bag or blanket.  We had lots of warm clothing to distribute and plenty of snacks and water.  

The music by Bethany kept the atmosphere festive!  (They didn't stop even when their fingers went numb!). Our prayer partners in the Prayer Tent comforted many wounded souls. 


We saw BIG smiles, warm hugs, compassionate listening and loving hearts on display all day.  The love in that parking lot was tangible.  You all were giving from the depths of your hearts and we hope you received some blessings too.


Our prayers were answered and the rain stayed away.  We did not see it, but heard there was a rainbow.  God was blessing all of us. 

Please let us know of any suggestions you have for next year and we will start compiling a list.

If you have any stories to share on our web site, pass them on to us and we will post them.  

Thank you and we hope to see all of you next year!!  May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Cindy and Greg

Come and celebrate our call to
“love one another” (Jn 14: 34)

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